Tiltable roller tracks

Tiltable roller racks oer the benefit that the floor underneath the track can be cleaned – a requirement not only for the food and beverage industry.
Applicable for roller tracks which lie on beams as well as with own support.

Front tiltable unloading element

Standard integrated locking devices reliably lift the last 2.5 metres of track, enabling your employees to safely and thoroughly clean this area which is particularly susceptible to soiling.

Tiltable tracks with gas springs

Make it easier for your employees to lift the roller track using the support of gas-pressured springs fitted under the track. The lane is not only easier to lift up and lower again; the procedure is also faster and more ecient. Primarily for routinely performed cleaning work, tiltable tracks with gas-pressured springs are an extremely ergonomic solution.

Drive-in ramp for unloading elements

specially designed for the unloading elements at the end of the roller tracks. The pallet trucks can drive onto the ramp so that their forks are directly at the height of the pallets for removal. This makes it easier for you to lift the pallets from the roller track. That protects both the pallets and the roller track because there is no contact with the pallet truck or the roller track during removal.

Lateral guides

Lateral guides primarily ensure that the pallets remain “on course”, particularly with very long tracks or when steel and plastic pallets are used. A dynamic (rolling) lateral guide is generally the best solution for wooden and plastic pallets. We at Euroroll generally recommend a static lateral guide for steel pallets.

Tiltable tracks