Advice & Services

We at Euroroll attach great importance to advice and service.
Planning, execution and competent aftercare by our qualified specialists.
We conduct the training of your employees, which can also include the maintenance and inspection of your systems.

Our testing department also conducts pallet-testing with your pallets on demand in order to determine the perfect solution. Our chief test engineer has more than 30 years experience.

Our engineers and designers are in constant contact with you in order to find the ideal solution at the best price and, if necessary, to quickly make additions or modifications.

Certifications and Quality Standards

Security plays an essential role in the warehouse. Euroroll therefore offers you an integrated safety concept that, among other things, takes into account the usual BG, ISO, EN and FEM guidelines and protects your employees from dangers in the warehouse. It goes without saying that Euroroll is ISO certified and is audited at regular intervals – since 2007.

Assembly and inspections

Our systems are supplied with detailed installation instructions. However, you are also welcome to order an installation by Euroroll (charged). Alternatively, you can order a Euroroll installation manager, who will provide expert support for your installation, train your personnel and commission the systems together with your employees.

All products that are safety-relevant are designed with high mechanical reserves. For example, we also provide brake rollers with a manufacturing date to trace when and under what conditions they were produced.

We usually have spare parts in stock. In addition, many parts can be replaced during operation. We owe it to our quality standards that your storage technology remains operational – for a lifetime.

Storage facilities (shelving systems) must be inspected once a year by a specialist according to DIN EN 15635 in accordance with the Recommendations on Industrial Safety and Health. If you wish, a shelf inspector commissioned by Euroroll will take over this task for you. Of course, during operation, so that you do not have to fear any interruption.

You can also commission a roller conveyor inspection at Euroroll if your roller conveyor has been in operation for many years. Our specialist staff will not only inspect the roller conveyors, but will also carry out any necessary repairs if you wish. Billing is based on hours and required material.

If you wish, our installer can also inspect your gravity conveyor technology, record damages and then make you an offer with a fixed price for the installation.

Tell us which pallet you use and what you want to transport and we will create an optimal solution for you!