Carton Flow Components

Overview of systems components and modules. Usually, our carton flow systems consist of the following individual parts. All will be delivered to you together with a building instruction. The frame is extremely easy to assemble.

Individual parts

Roller tracks

Highly resilient and durable
Variety of different options, depending on the type of goods and load

Guide rails

Enables good positioning of loads
Galvanised sheet steel
Available in different lengths

Connecting clip

To connect the roller tracks and guide rails to the carton bed framework.

Structural key

Enables the fast and easy installation of your system.
Side profiles can be firmly connected to the loading and unloading profiles.

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Loading profile

Ergonomically low height whilst strong and stable.
Tracks attach to the loading profile via the connecting clips.
Wide surface available for labels.

Unloading profile

Higher, strong and stable profile that acts as an end stop.
Also resisting pressure from loads on deep beds.
Tracks attach to the loading profile via the connecting clips.
Wide angled surfaces available for labels.

End Bungs

Fits to the side profiles to guarantee the safety of your employees.

Side Profile

Are connected without screws to the cross members, as well as loading and unloading profiles.


a carton flow bed is screwed to the rack with an universal connector.
Adapters are regularly available for stands from 50 mm to 75 mm in size and for stands over 75 mm.

Cross Members

Are mounted without screws.
Additional cross members are used to increase its load-bearing capacity.

Many other options are available on request.

We are happy to submit you an offer usually within 48 hours

We need the following information to prepare a quotation

  1. Carton flow bed dimensions or rack dimensions (width/depth)
  2. Dimensions and weights of boxes/cartons or
  3. Quantity of lanes and maximum load capacity
  4. With or without picking tray and inclination