Carton Flow

Lower space requirements, increased work performance with more job satisfaction and thus higher productivity: These are some of the most important advantages of Euroroll order picking systems, where gravity transports your goods in the warehouse on conveyor frames with roller tracks from the task to order picking.

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The aisles between the individual shelves are no longer necessary in order picking systems. The goods are placed on one side and picked on the other. Gravity is used to move it from the task to order picking in a controlled manner. This saves you up to 30% storage space.
Energy costs for transporting the goods from the task to order picking are eliminated – gravity does this for you and you save money.
Task and picking are carried out separately. Your employees don’t get in each other’s way.
Productivity in the warehouse increases. Work routes for your employees are shortened so that they can pick larger quantities of goods at the same time. Automatic tracking of goods also increases productivity.
The rack fronts of the picking flow systems can be adapted to the goods to be picked. Among other things, order picking trays, steps for comfortable working and bar code labels make your employees’ work easier.
Since unnecessary working paths are no longer necessary and the order-picking at flow systems can be adapted ergonomically, the job satisfaction of your employees also increases. All this contributes to their health and increased performance.
The gravity-operated conveying technology of the Euroroll systems is low-wear, designed for continuous operation and not prone to faults. If required, individual parts can be replaced quickly (usually during operation).