General information

At the heart of Euroroll’s carton flow systems are conveyor frames with integrated roller tracks, which ensure that the goods run safely and in a controlled manner along a gradient from the loading side to the picking side. Our carton flow systems are available in numerous variations.

Width from 300mm up to 3600mm – available in 10mm steps.
Depth from 800mm to 5000mm  (deeper is available of request).
A load capacity of up to 1500kg.
Tracks and guides are adjustable in 10mm steps, meaning variable lanes are achievable.
Three different types of shelf fronts are available: standard, with a shallow picking tray or a deep picking tray
Galvanized is standard. On request, you can have the loading and unloading profiles in the colour of your choice, for example to colour-code product groups and thus simplify picking.
On request, we can also support racking.

We have the solution for you

Euroroll will work with you to determine your needs. If the system requires it or if you wish, our test and development department will be happy to carry out test runs. Test video records are also possible. In this way you can be sure that your system meets your expectations and needs. Of course, we always keep an eye on the cost-effectiveness of your storage solution – in accordance with our principle of Smart Gravity Engineering.