Case Studies

Euroroll is proud to present some of the previous projects designed and built according to the customers’ wishes. Especially pointing out the unique solutions developed for each customer.

Euroroll guarantees each customer the best possible solution, relying not only on the standard range, but also on special solutions and custom-made products to meet the customer requirements.


For this company in the automotive industry, a completely new engine plant was provided with state-of-the-art storage equipment and several blocks with flow racks. A special solution was designed for the typical industrial automotive containers and steel frames, which includes a side profile with an integrated lateral guide. In addition, the double separator with an extra high retaining stop keeps the first pallet free from any line pressure from the pallets following behind.


Two systems – together and not against each other!

For this company in the pharmaceutical industry the advantages of two systems are used. The combination of gravity roller conveyors at ground level and a Radio Shuttle on the higher levels helps to achieve optimum order picking. The two systems complement each other perfectly and are supported by the Euroroll brake roller type EBT2S, which gently controls the transverse transport of the pallets and maintains the maximum discharge speed of 0.25m/s. In addition, the “Flex TV” separating device, specially modified for transverse transport, enables the unloading of the first pallet without line pressure, and ensures a fast and safe picking. In the solution used, the unloading element of the roller conveyor can be lifted by means of a gas pressure strut. This facilitates the cleaning of the floor underneath.

Electronic industry

For this company in the electrical industry, Euroroll was able to use gravity roller conveyors also with AGV’S. The loading and unloading of the pallets is automated. This system can not only be loaded with standard Euro pallets, but also with Customized pallets, Steel Stillages and plastic pallets. The configuration of the roller tracks was made in close cooperation with the AGV manufacturer, to ensure a smooth and reliable operation. The integration of a sprinkler system and a full enclosure with Fire-protective cladding, have also been integrated.

Beverage industry

With the staggered arrangement of the wheel rails, Euroroll has found a solution to transport crates with various irregular honeycomb structures reliably to the picking area. On the offload side, a tilted picking tray slows down the crates and presents these ergonomically so that they can be removed comfortably. The profiles of the Carton Flow, which work according to the FIFO principle, are made of zinc plated steel and form an extremely robust construction.

Candy product industry

Euroroll has designed a partially automated storage solution for one of the largest German confectionery groups: a combination of gravity roller conveyors, driven rollers and automated loading by transfer car. The long, gravity-powered lanes are intended as intermediate storage (buffer solution).
The shuttle car automatically loads them with pallets. At the end of the lane a separating device is installed so the operator can remove a pallet without line pressure. The tracks are suitable to be operated with hand pallet trucks. The weight range of the pallets can vary between 80 up to 1000 kg. A transfer car automatically replenishes the picking aisles.