Ergonomic workstations – a must in the warehouse

In the order picking warehouse, ergonomically designed workstations are extremely important in order to simplify work processes, reduce the workload for the employees and thus reduce work fatigue. Simplified workflows reduce picking errors and increase productivity by up to 80%.


Solutions that benefit everyone

Regardless of whether your employees are entrusted with the loading or unloading of the goods: Euroroll offers ergonomic solutions for all of them, adapted to their needs.
This means that all carton flow beds can be adjustable at any time should the type of goods being picked change.
Angled order picking trays on the unloading side make it easier to lift items out of the cartons.
With carton flow systems without picking tray, complete cartons can easily be lifted off the system or goods removed from cartons with open fronts.
Roller conveyors can be integrated into the racking solution with the carton flow. This speeds up picking , compared to conveyors or trollies positioned behind the pickers.
Carton flow solutions offer shorter walking distances compared to shelving, due to automatic replenishment.

We would be happy to advise you personally on how to make your workstations in the warehouse more ergonomic and thus increase productivity.