Our experience in the production of rollers for gravity systems is the solid basis for a quality product – Rollers at Euroroll

This product segment is based on 35 years of experience in roller production.

Below are our flyers for standard, sprocket, toothed belt and PolyV rollers. Of course, we can also supply rollers with beading or other drive heads, such as double chain wheels/toothed belts. Almost all combinations of drive/tube/bearing/axle are possible.

Goal-oriented and adapted to your requirements, we create a solution for your the goods you need to transport.
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Series A

Gravity Roller

Euroroll’s Series A includes light, medium and heavy rollers. It is, therefore, almost universally applicable: for the gravity transport of cardboard boxes, crates, steel containers, but also for pallets and other goods.

Series A is impresive with its variety: In the Euroroll product range you will find, for example, rollers with low breakaway torque, particularly smooth-running or low-noise solutions as well as welded versions for highest possible cargo capacity.

Series C


Euroroll’s series C is ideal for unit driven load conveying of light and medium-heavy goods such as cardboard boxes, containers and tires.

Also in many other sections of industry the series C can be used.

The nine grooves of the drive head enable the use of multi-ribbed PolyV belt. The main advantage compared to a chain drive: higher speeds in combination with considerable lower noise levels are achieved.

Series E

Single Sprocket Roller

Euroroll’s series E single sprocket roller is tailor-made for the unit driven load conveying of heavy goods. These include primarily pallets and steel containers, but also other heavy materials to be conveyed, as used in numerous industrial installations.

You have the choice between different sprocket drives – each as required.

The standard version of Euroroll includes welded sprockets in 5/8″ with either 15 or 18 teeth.

The same applies to sprockets 1/2″ with 14 teeth. Plastic drive elements are also available on request for certain tube types.