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Case Study
Combination Gravity lanes with Shuttle

Client: Pharmaceuticals
Device: Forklift
Pallets: DIN Europallets 1200×800 H=1950mm secured
Total pallet positions: 2320
Transport direction: Crossway
Length of the lane: Crossway
Length of the lane: 8788mm
width of the lane / overall width: 1222mm/1302mm
Pitch: 78mm
Remarks: Gravity lanes and Radio shuttle. Unloading tiltable module with gas strut assist.
Separator “Flex” Crossway transport

Gravity roller conveyor and radio shuttle for fast moving goods

Using the advantages of both systems, a combination of gravity roller conveyors at ground level and a Radio Shuttle on the higher levels, is resulting in a highly efficient storage. The radio shuttle handles the pallets from and to their storage location. When the pallet needs to be picked, it will be taken from the shuttle isle and located on the gravity conveyor, also in crossway orientation to avoid double handling. The brake rollers type EBT2S, limits the pallet speed to a maximum of 0.25 m/s to the picking station. The “Flex TV” separating device enables the unloading of the first pallet without line pressure, and ensures a fast and safe picking.

In the solution used, the unloading element of the roller conveyor can be lifted by means of a gas pressure strut. This facilitates the cleaning of the floor underneath.