N-Line wheel rails for every application

Euroroll roller tracks transport your goods safely and in a controlled manner from the point of departure to the final destination, namely

  • in carton flow systems,
  • on packaging and order picking tables,
  • as a roller conveyor or roller carpet connecting two workstations.

Roller tracks are also used as guide rails for conveyor systems, as well as assembly aids (for example in the wood processing industry).

Of course you can get the N-line roller strips from Euroroll in the lengths you need. The maximum length per roller strip is 6500 mm, but several roller tracks can be coupled if required.

The heart of the system: Robust, low-wear rollers

We equip our wheel tracks with wheels that can withstand even high loads:

  • Each wheel has a load capacity of 10 kg.
  • Depending on requirements, different wheel spacings (wheel pitches) can be realized. These are 16.667 mm, 33.334 mm, 50 mm, 66.667 mm, 83.334 mm, 100 mm etc. For reasons of simplicity, we generally indicate rounded pitches (33 mm, 50 mm, etc.) . However, the exact hole grid of the N-line roller strips is 16.667 mm ± 0.1 mm. This is important if, for example, the start of a wheel (called S , measured from the center of the axis) of a wheel track is to be determined exactly. Only on this side it is then possible to keep the exact measure. The final dimension is calculated by adding the individual hole distances plus the tolerances.
  • The wheel rails are available with normal or flanged wheels (abbreviated N and SP). If you need wheel flanges (for example to keep boxes on track), remember to order both right and left wheel track.
  • The rolls are made of robust polypropylene and maintain their running properties at temperatures between -30 °C and +100 °C. Its material is acid and alkali resistant but not UV resistant and does not absorb moisture.
  • We produce the rolls primarily in the standard colour yellow.

The individual rolls can be replaced quickly if required – usually during operation.

Special rolls for special purposes

For those cases where the standard design of our wheel strips is not sufficient, the Euroroll development department has further wheels available for you:

  • A special version with robust rollers is available for deep-freeze warehouses, which maintain their operability even at temperatures below -30 °C.
  • We can supply highly conductive rollers that prevent static charging for the temperature range from -20 °C to +40 °C.
  • Auch andere Röllchenfarben als die Standardfarbe gelb sind möglich.

On request, the wheel strips are also available with smaller wheels, our mini version. The mini normal wheels (N mini) have a diameter of 13 mm, the diameter of the mini ring wheels (SP mini) is 18 mm.