Push-Back storage / LIFO prinziple

Euroroll offers two solutions for slideways:

1. the push-in roller conveyor and 2. the cart push back system.

As the name suggests, the pallets of the push-in roller conveyor run on our high-quality steel carrier rollers. In the Cart Push-Back systems, the pallets are transported on nested metal frames (similar to a platform).

Push-in roller conveyor 

A push-in roller conveyor basically consists of three elements:

1. initial element for loading and unloading
2. middle elements
3. end element (middle element with end stops)

The elements consist of carrier rollers and brake carrier rollers. Depending on the weight of the goods to be conveyed and the type of pallet, these are used alternately. In principle, fewer brake support rollers are required than for continuous systems.

Roller-track elements - loading and unloading

Full width rollers

Loading element with full width rollers
For handling equipment with tiltable masts or forks, full width roller elements generally form the start of the roller track. When using automated devices with driven roller conveyors, this type of loading element is also part of the standard design.

Divided rollers

Loading element divided
The roller track element on the loading side is designed for the equipment the operators use to load the pallets. For equipment without tilt mast, divided loading elements are used with 2 or 3 tracks.

Centre element

Full width rollers

Centre element
Two pallet spaces are located on every centre element. An adequate number of brake rollers per element controls the speed of the pallets when moving along the roller track. The number of lined-up centre elements essentially determines the depth of the roller track.


Full width rollers

End stop
The Euroroll multi-function end stop is a component of the unloading element. It is a pallet stop, roller guard and path guide all rolled into one. The end stop thus safely catches your goods at the end of the track, protect the rollers from damage when the pallet is removed, and shows the users the path to the pallets with its pronounced colouring, even at the top levels of the warehouse system.

Cart-Push-Back System

The cart push back system can be expanded to accommodate up to five pallets.

The cart push back system basically consists of two to four metal frames that lie one inside the other and a rail construction underneath. The first pallet is placed on the uppermost metal frame.
When the next pallet is placed, the pallet already in the track is pushed back, the next metal frame is released and the second pallet is placed on it. The last pallet is placed directly on the rail construction.