Pallet-Flow/ FIFO principle

A continuous system basically consists of three elements: Loading, center and unloading element.
The elements consist of rollers and brake rollers. Depending on the weight of the material to be conveyed and the type of pallet, these are used alternately.
The unloading element contains the separating device so that the pallets can be removed individually and safely from the rack.

  1. Loading element divided
  2. Loading element full width
  3. Centre element
  4. Unloading element full width
  5. Unloading element divided
  6. Unloading element floor

Loading element

Full width

For handling equipment with tiltablemast and automatic assembly
With insertion funnel for safe task for fork lift drivers, marked with yellow signal colour. With roller protection so that the rollers are not damaged in daily use. For automatic loading, the loading element is supplied with a reinforced first roller.


For fork lifts or stacker without tiltable mast
Optionally available with two or three separate roller tracks.

Centre element

Full width

Independent of the operator interface 
Two pallet spaces are located on every centre element. An adequate number of brake rollers per element controls the speed of the pallets when moving along the roller track. The number of lined-up centre elements essentially determines the depth of the roller track.

Unloading element

Full width

For handling equipment with tiltable mast 
A so called separator parts the front pallet from the following pallets when arriving at the end of the lane. Also here, the material handling equipment or picking method determines the type of unloading element.


For operating devices without tiltable mast
If the equipment can not tilt its mast or forks, the unloading element will be designed with 2 or 3 tracks. This will enable the forks to move freely between the tracks. The pallet can be lifted safely and conveniently.

On floor

Additional reinforcements are attached to the roller tracks at floor level to prevent the operating units from damaging the roller track. Euroroll oers you a large number of solutions here both for manual picking operation, “heavy-duty” usage and everything in between – and of course, always tailored to your requirements.