Pallet Flow

We manufacture gravity-driven bearing and conveyor technology. The Euroroll systems exclusively use gravity driven roller systems. This eliminates the need for expensive electrical wiring and additional electricity costs.


FIFO principle

FIFO or First In, First Out means that the goods first stored are the first removed. The loading and picking sides areseparated from one another. This system is referred to as live storage or flow storage. Some of its advantages include good utilisation of the storage space and the easy monitoring of perishable goods.


LIFO principle

With the LIFO principle (Last In, First Out) or Push-Back storage, the most recently stocked goods are removed first. They are loaded and removed from the same side.

Roller-track elements, components and accessories


Roller tracks can be installed on several levels above and next to each other in a rack system. The height and depth are adapted to your space requirements.

We work with a modular principle. Each roller conveyor consists of at least one loading, centre and unloading element. Extremely simple and robust at the highest technical level.

  1. Loading element divided
  2. Loading element full width
  3. Centre element
  4. Unloading element full width
  5. Unloading element divided
  6. Unloading element floor


Type of pallet and material handling equipment are decisive for the design of roller tracks


  • Numerous pallet types in various shapes and of different materials are suited for use in pallet flow systems.
  • If required, pallet flow systems even transport various pallet types in a single channel
  • Asumption: the pallet feet or runners have a suficiently large tread. Only this can guarantee that the pallets run smoothly on the roller track without jolts.
  • Examples: Europallet, Hygiene pallet H1 y Grid box

Operating units

Adapted to your material handling equipment: Euroroll roller tracks

Rack systems

Euroroll roller tracks are compatible with all racking systems. They can therefore be installed in both new and existing racking installations. The way in which the roller tracks are fastened in your rack system primarily depends on the beam type installed.

Beam connector or Clamp hook for box beams

Clamp plate for I and C beams

If the roller tracks end on the floor, beams can only be positioned to a height of approx. 200mm over floor level. The rest of the lane will be mounted on Euroroll floor supports.


Efficient work due to optimum utilisation of space in the warehouse

  • Pallet flow systems require up to 50% less space than conventional pallet warehouses. The aisles between the individual rows of shelves are no longer necessary and the existing storage space can be used more efficiently.
    Energy costs are falling. The pallets move on roller tracks with a slight incline exclusively by means of gravity. An additional energy supply is not necessary. Since the distances for the operating devices are also shortened, their energy costs often fall.
  • Productivity in the warehouse increases. As the working distances for your employees become shorter, it is possible to handle larger quantities of goods at the same time.
  • Euroroll roller conveyors for pallets are extremely robust and designed for continuous use. Should defects occur, however, they can be quickly remedied by replacing individual parts (usually during operation).Pallet conveyor systems from Euroroll are suitable for pallet warehouses according to the FIFO (First In, First Out) and LIFO (Last In, First Out) principles as well as for buffer warehouses, but also for special solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of your warehouse.