“Flex-TV” – Separator

The separating device separates the pallet to be removed from the subsequent pallets on the removal side – Fast and safe removal is therefore possible.

  • Mixed operation possible: pallets with different lengths and weights can be moved in this way.
  • Transport of sewer loads up to approx. 20,000 kg on a single roller conveyor (larger sewer loads on request).
  • In the event of a faulty separation, the system always returns to its original position.
  • Roller tongues that can be driven over are located outside the removal area, so that there is no risk of damage from lifting forks.

Manual separator for pickinig

Designed for picking operation with special focus on safety.
The approaching goods may not continue on to the picking position until the employees have removed the empty pallet from the roller track. If this has occurred, the employees can use their hand or foot to trip the separator at the end of the track. This lowers the stop between the rollers and the next pallet rolls to the picking position. The following pallet is stopped again automatically.

Separators can be installed on a unloading element with full width or splitted rollers